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Our key features

Never Stop Cultivating
At Sendai Nouken, our team is filled with skilled experts dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions. We're your all-in-one destination for building, managing, and maintaining greenhouses. Let's grow success together!
  • High Skills/High Technique for Technological Capability

    We are proud of our rich legacy of knowledge and cutting-edge technology, passing it from seasoned experts to dynamic young minds. This blend of wisdom and innovation ensures we meet every customer's needs with agility and precision.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Our dedicated in-house team manages every task, from start to finish. We focus on reducing idle time and enhancing productive time, ensuring cost savings for our clients. Trust us to take care of everything, knowing we fully understand your needs.

  • Global Innovation, Local Solutions

    Our approach is global, sourcing advanced equipment from Japanese and international providers. This enables us to craft and construct unique systems, ideally suited to the specific environments of our clients, ensuring their precise needs are met.

Our vision for the future

Our mission: to invigorate Japan's fundamental industry by consistently maintaining, repairing, and overhauling agricultural machinery. We're dedicated to making a substantial difference.

Our daily inspections and services are meticulous and unfailing.
We provide optimal repair and maintenance for peak performance.
Our inspections and testing are thorough, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Sendai Nouken

At Sendai Nouken, we are dedicated to providing efficient and thorough support for our clients' agricultural growth. Our operations are strategically divided among four key departments: Greenhouse, Maintenance, Agricultural Materials, and Fully Enclosed Agricultural Facilities.
  • Greenhouse Department: Customized Greenhouse Solutions

    In our Greenhouse Department, we specialize in crafting the design of greenhouses and pipe houses. Handling every aspect from parts processing to construction in-house, we're equipped to build greenhouses that precisely meet each client's unique needs.

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  • Maintenance Department: Keeping Agriculture Running Smoothly

    Our Maintenance Department is dedicated to the upkeep of agricultural facilities and machinery. We prioritize rapid response to ensure our clients can deliver their products confidently. This department is versatile, handling everything from importing to selling, installing, and repairing international products.

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  • Agricultural Materials Department: Quality Supplies, Affordable Prices

    We in the Agricultural Materials Department are dedicated to delivering a wide array of top-quality agricultural materials at affordable prices. Our range includes everything from protective films and climate-managing curtains to intricate pipe house components, sophisticated cultivation systems, heaters, and tailor-made packaging solutions for shipping fresh produce.

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  • Vertical Farming Solutions - Fully Enclosed Farming

    Partnering with Creo Technology, Inc., we manage a revolutionary facility empowered by the new AN hyprodonic system. Consisting of completely artificial lighting and an automated cultivation process, our setup guarantees the steady growth and supply of high-quality, large lettuce, consistently exceeding 300 grams per plant.

    Fully enclosed agricultural facilities

Company Profile

  • Company name
    Sendai Nouken Co., Ltd.
  • Line of business
    Comprehensive agricultural equipment manufacturer
  • Established
    January 2008
  • Capital
    ¥20.12 million
  • Employees
  • Representative
    Yusaku Sato


Head office & factory

20-30-2 Neriushi-aza, Misato-machi, Toda-gun, Miyagi 989-4203 Japan
Tel: +81-229-58-1220
Fax: +81-229-58-1239

Yamagata Branch Office

139-1 Oaza-Matsukawa, Sagae-shi, Yamagata 991-0066 Japan
Tel: +81-237-84-6117
Fax: +81-237-84-6107